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At The Art Dealer, our focus is to highlight great artists who create fine art through a wide range of mediums. Oils, watercolors, sculpture, glass, and other mediums are displayed throughout our site.

We serve a regional and national clientele in the commercial arena - from building owners, architects, and interior designers to individual collectors.

Our artists are well-established, award-winning, high-caliber professionals. They have been featured in most prestigious magazines and other art media in North America. Their work is in museums across the country including the Booth Western Museum, one of the largest western museums in the country; The Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum of Wasau, Wisconsin; and the Cummer Museum of Art in Jacksonville, Florida.

We specialize in the works of R.L. Lewis, one of the 26 original Highwaymen; Rory Wagner, one of the great Southwestern artists; Nancy Blauers, with her colorful marine life and landscape works; contemporary artist Stephen Plunkett and international artist Pamela Loudon.

Pam Carman, FSMPS, is the founder of this company and a 30-year veteran in business development representing clients from the A/E/C industry to the commercial building industry. Pam was raised in Florida and Washington State, where both her parents painted in oils as a hobby. She has always had an appreciation for the arts and started collecting fine art in her early 20s.

Pam now resides in Orlando, Florida. Her husband, Ray Hayhurst, is also an avid art collector, and their weekends and vacations are spent traveling to art exhibits and shows throughout the country.

Thank you for visiting The Art Dealer! As an online fine art gallery, we invite you to explore our site and view the art of some of the world’s most creative and talented artists. Please contact us if you would like more information on any of the artists you see here. We have also added our secondary market page, where we have examples of earlier works by these and other leading artists for sale.

We welcome special requests for commissioned pieces. Please give us a call at (407) 463-9812 or e-mail pam@theartdealer.biz.
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